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Assign Multiple Daily Tasks to 20 People 8.15

Assign Multiple Daily Tasks to 20 People 8.15: Assign Multiple Daily tasks to 20 Employees with Excel Daily Tasks Excel spreadsheet assigns multiple tasks, shifts, or clients to your employees or multiple employees to your tasks, shifts, clients, or vehicles for one week. This series of spreadsheets is very popular with home care businesses that send caregivers to several client homes each day. The spreadsheet can schedule up to 20 employees and 50 daily tasks. You specify the availability of each employee each day, the name of the tasks, the days

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Work Manager 1.2

Work Manager is your personal assistant, which helps you manage your tasks each day. Work Manager is a simple to use program which is designed to allow you to keep track of your activities in the most valuable manner. Order and arrange your tasks alphabetically and by any category so that you can work more efficiently and effectively. With one glance you can see all of the work which is on your desk and print tasks.

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A-Z Planner Advanced tasks and schedules manager for personal and business needs
A-Z Planner

manage all kinds of tasks and schedules, plan their daily, weekly, monthly schedules effectively. A-Z Planner is great tool for time management. Illustrative tasks graphs, round-the-clock pop-up alert reminds you about high priority tasks. Add events like holidays, anniversary, friends birthdays into the remind-me list. A-Z Planner will trigger alert at the appropriate day and time. Try it! MAIN FEATURES: * Daily, weekly, monthly tasks planner with

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You cannot buy time, or give something in exchange for more time. The only thing to do is to manage your time more effectively. Link external files or web sites to a task to open with the click of a button. Tasks are colorcoded according to the status. Tasks can be broken down into sub tasks. Show only one days tasks at a time, that you can use as a daily list with all your tasks. Plan ahead, but work on one days tasks at a time.

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Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees 3.98: Create daily shift and task schedules for one week with Excel spreadsheet.
Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees 3.98

The Daily Shifts and Tasks spreadsheet creates schedules where each employee is assigned to a category, location and time each day for one week. Employees can then be assigned to various daily tasks in 30 minute increments. The spreadsheet keeps track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours. The spreadsheet creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar for handy reference.

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AMF Daily Planner and PIM 10.0

Daily Planner & PIM 10.0 schedules, organizes tasks, orders your address book and contacts, manages due dates, expenses, and email, and keeps you totally organized! AMF Daily Planner & PIM includes a complete Rolodex™-style contact manager, a full calendar, and a sophisticated scheduling system for your appointments and events. Uses AMF Daily Planner & PIM`s new email system, expense tracker, and daily journal to organize all aspects of your business

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Secure Reminder 9.3: Reminder software - desktop reminder program. Daily reminders, date reminders
Secure Reminder 9.3

daily tasks, special dates and business meetings at the appointed time using different alarms. Never forget an important date and event again! Secure Reminder is a friendly reminder program that helps you organize daily tasks and events, manage your time and information and easily communicate with others. With Secure Reminder you can create one-time and recurring desktop reminders on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to be informed about repeating

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